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What to Expect at your Initial Evaluation for Your Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Visit

A new patient visit for pelvic floor physical therapy typically involves an initial assessment and evaluation by a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction. Here is what you should expect during your first visit:

  1. Health history review: Sierra will review your medical history and ask questions about your symptoms, bowel and bladder habits, sexual function, surgical history, life style, and prior injury history.

  2. Physical exam: Sierra will then perform a physical exam to assess the function of your pelvic floor muscles, core, and legs. But it doesn’t stop there! We will also assess visceral mobility, low back/hip range of motion, balance, gait assessment, and anything else that may be pertinent to your history.

  3. The pelvic floor assessment may include an external exam to assess for any tenderness or pain in the pelvic region, as well as an internal exam to assess the strength and tone of the pelvic floor muscles. This is always based on the patient’s comfort level, and Sierra will review anatomy before and during to ensure you have a great understanding of what is being assessed.

  4. Education: You will then be provided education about pelvic floor anatomy and function, and how it relates to your symptoms. She will also provide guidance on lifestyle modifications and behavioral changes that can help manage your symptoms.

  5. Treatment plan: Based on the evaluation and assessment, Sierra will develop a customized treatment plan that may include exercises to strengthen/relax the pelvic floor muscles, techniques to improve bowel and bladder function, address any muscular imbalance, and strategies to manage pain and discomfort.

  6. Follow-up appointments: Depending on your needs, Sierra may recommend follow-up appointments to monitor progress and adjust the treatment plan as necessary.

Overall, a new patient visit for pelvic floor physical therapy is an opportunity to receive a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan from a professional who can help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Schedule an initial evaluation or consultation with Sierra!

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